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Our SEO Story

In an ideal world you or your top client liaison employee would do your websites SEO.

We discovered this key piece of information by chance, over a decade ago.

Back in the early 2000's we had a service industry company. We were doing well with our traditional advertising, which at that time was fliers delivered to post boxes. We'd been doing this for almost 10 years at that stage, and were in no doubt about the power of advertising and staying in touch with our existing customers.

We licked a lot of envelopes doing just that.

Our First Website

Then we decided we needed a website. I was the most computer literate so I did it. It took me 6 months to get it done, working on it during quiet moments and after hours. But then it was done and uploaded. I'd loved the process and was glad about it. Plus we had a website.

Because we had already switched our regular newsletter over to email. We naturally promoted the website and added it to our email signatures. And life went on.

Customer Relations

Coming from a public relations background I had implemented a CRM right in the beginning, all the staff were grooved in on always using it and asking every new client how they found us. Up till then it was usually a flier but also word of mouth and occasionally one of the other advertising methods we used.

Our First Internet Client

The day came when the new client said "on the internet". I was ready to do flic flaks. A client that found out about us off the internet. I had not spent hours dealing with printers, purchase orders, counting out thousands of fliers, driving to post offices or carrying heavy boxes. This guy had found us on the internet. It was awesome.

Then the next call came in, also from the internet, and the next and the next. After two years we completely dropped out sending out fliers. We didnt need to. The phones rang every day with a new client. Plus we were still keeping touch with our existing clients, we were busy.

We were ranking and didn't even know it!

As often happens in specialized technical industries we were friends with a few of our competitors and it so happened that during dinner our friend felt comfortable admitting, that he'd been paying a website developer for over a year, to knock us out of our top spot!

We all laughed and I took the opportunity to blow my own horn. But I went away from that dinner wondering what he was talking about.

Keyword Research Starts

I started checking. And yes sure enough, when I typed certain keywords in to Google, our website came up first. Why?

I started researching how this worked. Googling, asking friends and listening attentively whenever keywords and websites came up.

Nothing really explained it. Why would a web developer struggle to bump a website - built by a novice - out of the top spot.

Eventually I decided, if anyone is going to know why our website ranks higher its me. I got the two pages side by side and looked at the sites with fresh eyes. Then it dawned on me.

The Secret to Ranking is Discovered

Our website had a personality his did not. His website was very professional. It spoke about the service he provided and how great he was and why using him was the right thing to do.

Our website was friendly. I'd spoken about our product the same way that Id speak to clients in person or over the phone.

Good Old Fashioned Customer Relations

It was at this stage that I came to the realization that my training and experience in Public Relations, Advertising and Events had given me an edge. Not everyone knows how to strike up a conversation much less through a website.

All those years of writing newsletters and emails and then chatting and laughing with clients either days months or years later. That ability to share my character and personality to an unseen audience had come through on our website. Site visitors aka 'people like you and me' were recognizing the humanity and choosing us as their service provider.

Communicating through a Website

I would have complete strangers contacting us and speaking to me as if we were old friends. As far as I was concerned, it was true, we were friends. We had a shared reality. Sharing a reality is always an ingredient in friendship.

That was the secret then and that is the secret today. Good old fashioned customer service. But from an internet users perspective.

Creating a website that answers your potential clients questions and then maintaining that relationship through your business process and ongoing marketing is what SEO is about.

Relationship Building is Key

You or your top salesmen and women probably do it every day, in person. The difference with websites is that there are different techniques of getting that communication across. Its not person to person, you can not respond right then and there. It has a different set of rules but ultimately, it does the same thing. It builds relationships.

That's what Our SEO service is about. Its about getting to know you and then translating that so that potential clients get to know you as well. With the goal being that the next time they need your service or product, it's you they choose!


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